Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Coming soon to Kansas

Mike Luckovich has this cartoon today in the Atlanta Constitution.

This is where Kansas public education is heading if our anti-schools legislature has its way. It's what my KMUW commentary is about which airs on FM89.1 at 7:19 AM and 9:19 AM this Friday.

It's only 90 seconds long, so blink your ears and you'll miss it.


bluebird said...

And many in the legislature would have no problem with that as a solution to the budget crisis as long as it wasn't their children or grandchildren who were lost in the crowd. They seem to forget that these students will become the workforce that will be paying taxes in the near future if they have been prepared for real jobs with real education.

Richard said...

That long-term thinking thingie is not within their capabilies, apparently, Bluebird. Their only interest is in pleasing the ultra-right, their base here in Kansas. The fact that they keep getting elected relects the sad state of confusion and willful ignorance among Kansas voters.