Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What "liberal media"???

Hank found the Palin vid to be more proof of the liberal media. Says they set up Sarah "You betcha" Palin with the turkey slaughter in the background. I don't buy the "liberal media" line one little bit. Conservative, establishment, big business runs the media in America. The "leftist media" might be the biggest straw man ever erected in the well-plowed fields of American political discourse.

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Carl Williams, Wichita said...

I have yet to hear anyone who claims that the media has a liberal bias back up such charges with any supportive facts. In Eric Alterman's book, "What Liberal Media?" he analyzed the amount of time right-wing shock jocks "have the floor" compared to the amount of time the public has access to progressive viewpoints and the ratio of 300-to-1 would be funny if it wasn't so seriously out of balance. Add to that equation the relevant factor that so many Americans actually believe the claim of liberal media, that one must ponder the insights of Joseph Goebbels and Hermann Goering: repeat a lie often enough and loud enough and it eventually becomes the perceived reality ...or words to that effect.