Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Didja ever think of that? Hmmm? Well, DIDJA???

From the amazing Richard Thompson, drawer of Richard's Poor Almanac in The Washington Post, and of the very delightful Cul De Sac comic strip, come these thought provoking insights about an industry near and dear to your heart and mine.


bluebird said...

Unfortunately most papers don't seem to get it that they don;t need to be a paper to be a newspaper. When I worked for a newspaper, subscriptions paid for the paper and ink, the advertizing paid the rest. So it would seem that there could be some ways to be profitable even today.

podunkboy said...

The Eagle's evidently letting Joe Stumpe go (and who knows who else). I swear, I'm just one deleted feature/fired columnist from cancelling the paper for good. There's nothing left worth reading in the Eagle anymore.
Every morning, when I open the paper I cringe.
Hope you're doing well, we miss your keen cartooning insights.