Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Choke time!

It's been a long long time since The Crowsons played the Artichoke. This Saturday we'll return with a bunch of brand new songs and a bunch of brand ole songs as well. Karen and I have been playing there since around 1989 or so. In fact, way before that, she was the first person to ever perform live music at The Artichoke.

It's a great bar that somehow has always managed to straddle the line between small-and-intimate and fun-and-party-down. Pat and Molly Audley have a lot to do with that. The place reflects their personalities. The sandwiches are always mighty tasty. We'll do our best to make the music that way too, but I'm making no promises. Come see us if you can from 8 until 11 or so. 


WetBiscuit said...

I know I'll be there! Seems like I end up there alot on weekends. :)

Richard Crowson said...

All biscuits are welcome, wet, dry or otherwise.