Sunday, January 24, 2010

The conservatives' attack on democracy continues


bluebird said...

This is what happens when the democrats tried to hard to include the conservatives. By trying to continually compromise, nothing gets done. We need at least one more Supreme Court appointment, but with the current crop of democrats it probably won't do any good. I actually hope those dems without the spine to stand up to the neocons don't get reelected, they aren't actually helping anyway. It may just have to get even worse before anything real gets done.

Richard Crowson said...

I especially agree with your last sentence,there, Bluebird. I've been thinking lately that our culture just seems to have to hit "rock bottom" before taking corrective action. It's just like an addict.

And in a way, these setbacks can be constructive if they lead to an eventual improvement. But, wow, does it hurt to go through them. It hurts the poor, the young and the elderly.