Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tea Party unmasked

They shouted "nigger" at congressman and civil rights hero John Lewis, spat on congressman Emanuel Cleaver and yelled "faggot" at congressman Barney Frank.


In the year 2010.

That's how far some in the Tea Party have come. This short floor speach by Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan is a well-expressed response. I have always believed, and see no evidence to the contrary, that much of the Tea Party's hatred for the President is about race and nothing but race. Yesterday reinforced that belief.


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Anonymous said...

The Tea Party hates his policies, not his race, as evidenced by the report linked above. I'm surprised that you would judge millions of people based on the behavior of a couple of them. Sounds like bigotry and prejudice to me. I'm really disappointed.

bluebird said...

The deplorable actions of more than just a few who claim the tea party label show that their opposition is based on race and prejudice more than some would like to believe. Remember you are known by the company you keep. If you don't like the accusation be prepared to control your fellow party goers. How many tea party goers are turning down their social security checks? Refusing Medicare? Not eating at restaurants that have illegal workers or not hiring construction companies that offer cheap rates due to hiring undocumented workers? I smell the stench of hypocrisy in their comments.

b said...
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'wela said...

I liked it better when they called themselves "Tea Baggers". Seemed rather more appropriate to me.