Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brownback vs. Brown


Bluebird said...

There was a time when Kansas was on the side of the people when it came to social causes. We might have been a little extreme, but we were in favor of the rights of the oppressed and for progress. Somehow that has all been forgotten. We just kept the reputation for going to the extremes. Well the tea addicts seem to be getting their way. I just wonder what Sara would make of the John Brown story, I guess he was just trying to warn the pro slavery forces that big government was out to take their property.

Richard said...

Today Kansas politicians divide their time between defending willful ignorance and the interests of the corporations. Brownback is the poster boy for this attitude. He cloaks it all in a holier-than-thou Pharasee persona. And this is apparently what the Kansas electorate wants. They keep voting for these people. We'll see how low our state can go in this limbo contest to be the most extreme conservative it can be.