Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I can't help myself

It's an old habit -- drawing editorial cartoons. About Karl Peterjohn. So this one had to come out after reading the story in today's Eagle about the aviation industry's alarm at Karl's candidacy. Karl is a radical and it's good to see that local business leaders are realizing it. The National Center for Aviation Training is a worthwhile and needed government-funded project and Karl's desire to pull the plug on it is shameful for one running for public office in the Air Capital.


'wela said...

Years and years ago, he worked for my dad at NCR. He was rather odd then, as I recall.....

KStan said...

"Years and years ago, he worked for my dad at NCR."

Karl actually had a job at one time? Interesting

LibertyIsBest said...

Sorensen said Peterjohn's opposition to government participation "raised huge red flags for businesspeople."

Sorensen said one of the big problems aircraft companies encounter, when trying to lure people to work here, is the "quality of life" question.

"Ultimately, workers will not come to Wichita, and businesses will not come to Wichita, unless you provide a community that's worth living in," Sorensen said. "That's where government plays a role, and we don't think Karl understands that."

Part of what prompted the chamber committee to endorse Peterjohn's opponent, Sorensen said, was a blunt warning from Spirit Aerosystems chief executive Jeff Turner last week.

"If his views were to prevail in this community, companies like ours would be hard-pressed to invest anymore in this community," Turner told The Eagle.
The above from this article:

It is amazing that major businesses are going after Peterjohn. I have never cared for him, and it is very encouraging that top corporate leaders see the problmes with his ruthless ideology.