Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guess I hacked off a few good folks once again

This toon prompted this letter in The Eagle:

O'Reilly not hater

I was once again annoyed by editorial cartoonist Richard Crowson's depiction of Fox News host Bill O'Reilly as a "hate talker" (Jan. 31 Opinion). Just because O'Reilly and other Fox News hosts have a different view from other media doesn't make them haters.
O'Reilly is not a hater, though at times he does bloviate. He regularly invites opposing views and debates them openly. In his attempt to take the "spin" out of the discussion, he may seem to be unfair based on well-edited sound bites. But anyone who listens to his entire point can't help but be impressed by his desire to weed through the political rhetoric and get to the root meaning of the topic. His ratings are pretty solid proof that the public has a craving for commonsense discussions that usually have both sides represented.
O'Reilly is filling a need that could also be filled by the mainstream media if they could return to the unbiased age of such icons as Walter Cronkite. After all, one of the jobs of the media is to keep our government honest, isn't it? Without an unbiased watchdog, there is the potential for the government to run rabid with no accountability.

And this anonymous Opinion Line caller:

The only thing comical about Richard Crowson's Sunday editorial cartoon was how ridiculous it was. To imply that Bill O'Reilly was somehow complicit in the killing of George Tiller was an absolute joke.

Then there was this one:

I am surprised The Eagle ran the Crowson cartoon. It was spot-on, but I bet you get complaints for going after the biggest spin master on TV.


bluebird said...

The same people who complain the loudest about other's freedom of speech seem to be the most thin skinned when even the most modest and least abusive comments are directed toward their actions. Those on the radical right should remember that if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. I seem to remember it was they who raised the temperature.

Richard said...

Well, consistancy isn't their strong point. Neither is logic. Neither is compassion. Nor empathy. Nor...

I'm sure some of them are nice to their dogs.