Friday, August 27, 2010

Another perfect Luckovich toon

The Atlanta Constitution's Mike Luckovich is the Gary Larsen of editorial cartooning. Larsen's "Far Side" cartoons were by far the most consistantly hilarious single-panel toons of all time, in my humble opinion. He came very close to batting .1000. I see Luckovich almost the same way. Just go over to his blog and scroll through this week's cartoons. Every one a jewel. Most cartoonists are hit and miss (present company at the front of that line!) but the Luckster just keeps 'em coming.

This one on Glenn Beck is killer. I've never actually watched a Beck show, I'm proud to admit. Life is way to short for that. But I've seen little clips of it and I know about his blackboard fetish. This toon works on lots of levels. A good caricature. A funny joke. A good sort of deeper meaning to it, as we see Beck is actually vandalizing Abraham Lincoln's legacy.

One more cartoon for me to throw in my bin labelled: WIDT (Wish I'd drawn that).

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KStan said...

I love how his blackboard can start with any topic and it always ends with it's the fault of: Liberals, Democrats, Socialist Congress or Obama. It's like a puzzle that has already been filled out for you.