Monday, August 23, 2010


I wrote this little ditty to promote a great program at Trees for Life.

Balbir Mathur, president of Trees for Life, was presented with a world-renowned Manuel Rodriguez & Sons classical guitar in Nov. 2009 after speaking at an international conference in Spain.

“I would like to present your guitar to the children of Nicaragua,” Balbir told the president of the guitar company. “Those children have no musical instruments, and their hearts will sing with such a gift.”

“Books for Life, an educational branch of Trees for Life, has 50 libraries in Nicaragua. Your guitar will go to one of the libraries, where many children can enjoy the music of your precious gift,” Balbir told him.

The guitar maker was inspired and offered 200 guitars for only $50 each.

Now you can join in by providing a guitar worth $350 to the children of Nicaragua for only $50—or giving a share of a guitar for as little as $5.

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