Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bacon. Need I say more?

My lord, I love bacon. That's why I wish I had been in South St. Louis recently:

The fifth-annual Tomato Fest at Iron Barley in South St. Louis wrapped up Sunday with owner Tom Coghill and a crew of 90 volunteers working to create the world's longest bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwich, at 179-feet, two-inches. (That's a lot of bacon -- 500 pounds of savory, crispy, delicious bacon.) The previous record was 169 feet

5oo pounds of happiness. My arteries be damned. And they definitely would be. Here's the link:


kancruiser said...

Richard -- You're starting to sound like Jim Gaffigan. But I love bacon on a cheeseburger, or a good breakfast biscuit! Check your email about a car show, man.

Richard Crowson said...

Of course I had to Google Jim Gaffigan...but I still don't get the reference. You are so up on stand-up comedians.

What's the bacon connection?

kancruiser said...

Gaffigan does a whole segment on how much he loves bacon.
I really must tutor you on the great comedians of our time; starting with Heywood Banks was a good first outing.


richard- you COULD have been there - a short hop to st. louis would do you (if not your arteries) good!