Saturday, August 8, 2009

So what's different?

I'll tell you what. Politics and  and parochialism have taken over where patriotism once prevailed. Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your party.


Anonymous said...

There are a number of differences, Richard. For starters, the non-uniformed combatants currently held at Gitmo would have been shot in the field during WWII. They never would have been brought to American soil and placed in a POW camp.

And I don't see any states that voted for Obama clamoring to take these detainees, much like the European countries who called for shutting down Gitmo, but when it came down to making it a reality would not take them in their countries. Lots of NIMBYs in the world.

I agree with you that the parochialism and nimbyism is shameful. And I think your question, "So What's Different?" is a legitimate one. Perhaps the Eagle (or any other newspaper that is struggling these days) could show us some good old fashioned journalism for a change and write an article that explores that question. The differences are many.

Richard Crowson said...

I disagree but thanks for the thoughtful, reasoned response.

Would that others on the web could argue with as measured a tone as yours.