Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Earl Scruggs jamming with The Byrds

From the 1969 tv special, "Earl Scruggs With Family and Friends." There's a cement pond in the background. It's so great to see Earl playing with Clarence White. White was the greatest bluegrass guitarist that ever lived in my humble opinion. But he had to make a living so he played country/rock with The Byrds. There would be no Tony Rice without Clarence. What an innovator he was. Did I spell innovator right?

Clarence is the short guy with the beard and the "puffy shirt." He doesn't get to stretch much on this clip but you can hear him using the "string bender" which he invented (along with Gene Parsons) near the end of You Ain't Going Nowhere. He was killed in 1973 by a drunk driver as he was loading his equipment up after a gig. What a loss.


kancruiser said...

Wow, all of them fellers could play, couldn't they? Thanks, Richard.

Anonymous said...

A little unnerving watching Charles Manson wander through various parts of the video! Your opinion of Vince Gill's bluegrass guitar picking--when he gets the chance??? Curtis Fowler

Richard said...

Yeah, years ago I was about to make myself a t-shirt with Clarence's picture on it, then I realized that everyone would think it was Charles Manson. That creep messed up my plan

I have recordings of Vince Gill playing amazing guitar breaks back in the day when he was a bluegrasser. If he hadn't crossed over into top 40 country that boy could've made something of himself.

Dave said...

Hey Ricky,
There"s a blog/website called Setting the Woods on Fire that did a long series of articles on your boy Manson...errr Clarence there. You might want to peruse it. At your leisure of course.