Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wheezing on bloodied knees

I think it's a measure of our state's dismal self-esteem and of our legislature's bankrupt imaginative abilities that we are still talking about building a coal plant in Kansas to benefit Colorado. As if that's all we have left to count on. As if the best we can hope for is to become an ash tray for other states. As if our residents don't deserve the same health considerations that those of other states deserve. This is pathetic desperation born out of a sense of wothlessness.

We can do better than sacrificing our environment and our health to the gods of economic development. You're not "economically developed" if you grovel on your knees to an industry, that industry tosses you $20 and you then have to spend $100 bandaging and caring for your skinned and bloodied knees.

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