Monday, February 2, 2009

Maybe it's the chair...

I don't know. But something has been making me reluctant to sit down here and plug in new blog entries. I have a lower back problem and this chair definitely sucks. Always makes it hurt more. But you know what? I don't think the chair is the problem.

Couldn't have been the way I was raised. My folks instilled a work ethic in me that to this day pumps a continuous flow of guilt through my system that would rival any I.V. at Via Christi. Especially what with getting laid off and everything. And I've already droned on ad nauseam about how bizarre this whole blogging thing is to me, what with the presumption that what I have to say is post-worthy at all. I don't think any of those things are the cause of my blogstipation (Hey! I coined a new word!)

So I look at a lot of other blogs. Some of them make me feel even less capable. My former colleague Dave Knadler has a killer blog, no pun intended (he writes crime fiction). Every time I read one of his posts I feel like the proverbial monkey at the keyboard, minus the Shakespeare which is the other half of that old chestnut.Here's a link to Dave's Fiction Warehouse. Read some of his older posts. Beautifully worded. Then there's another former colleague, Suzanne Tobias, whose blog, Notes for My Kids' Therapist is terrific. She's a smart, almost Erma Bombeck-ish, for those of you old enough to remember her column, writer.

Uh. My fingers are going limp at the very thought of ever trying to post interesting blog items in the styles of those folks.

Then again, I'm not a writer. Maybe I should forgive myself and just post whatever comes into my cartoony noggin. I'll try that a while. Brace yourself.

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Anonymous said...

Let your cartoony noggin light the way for your bloggy noggin. It's all the same noggin.