Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Don't turn football into footbaugh

The video I had linked to is no longer available so here are some of Boss Limbaugh's quotes which sound an awful lot like racism to me:

For more information, please see:


Hunter Brumfield said...

I guess he won't mind... he declared on the NBC Today show a few days ago that he's never offended by what anyone says about him.

At least this time someone DID something.

Now what do you say, Rush, ol' boy?

kancruiser said...

Is the Pope Catholic?

bluebird said...

I would just wish that we could simply ignore this jerk and that he would go away. But that isn't going to happen till he implodes. It has to happen, but then he will blame anyone and everyone but himself and his supporters will buy it all.

Hunter Brumfield said...

Bluebird, it just don't work that way.

Limbaugh will spout invectives until they choke him to death. The American people have become so inured to this that they can no longer distinguish right from wrong and truth from commercial lies, so he gets massive amounts of money and he just laps it up.

It will -- it did, and will again -- catch up with him.