Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rotten Chamber policy causes Apple to exit


Now I have another reason to love my Apple Mac. The company just announced that it's dropping out of the Chamber of Commerce because of the Chamber's anti-science, pro-pollution stance which favors more global warming. Really, it's shameful that the Chamber of Commerce is also a Chamber of Denial. 

I've always thought the name "Chamber of Commerce" is a hoot. How pretentious can you get?Sounds like something out of a Superman comic book. "Superman flew into his Fortress of Solitude because he was super-bummed by the idiocy displayed by the Chamber of Commerce." 


bluebird said...

There are so many reasons to like Apple I just hope they don't get arrogant. When I needed a replacement computer, I preferred to find a used Mac to a new anything else.

hbrumfield said...

I agree completely about the Mac. I have an iPhone and am in total thrall of it, but it occurred to me that both have their own wonderful magic.

I do have a PC and use it as little as possible. Fortunately that's not often.

Oh, I also agree with you about the Chamber. What more proof do you need about global warming than the record melting of the ice caps? Hello?

Richard said...

Apparently they've got their heads up their chamber...